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Mexico, People and Crafts

"A Magic Adventure Around Mexico and Inside the Heart of Its People

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Welcome to “Mexico, People and Crafts”, a Magic site ...

Mexico is a magic country, it is a colorful fan for the visitor’s soul and for the inhabitant; each one of its regions, each block of its cities surround a mistery and an ancestral fascination and presents that point to an uncertain future. Because of this, Mexico is the adventure of those who leave any “logic” security to face the impossible, the dreaming world, the mysthics, to feed the world with its emotion and new life in constant colorful explotion and rhythm blends of a song and a cry that talk about a vital deep philosophy.

Mexico, People and Crafts

Mexico, People and Crafts

Discover the Magic...

In “Mexico, People and Crafts” we want to take each visitor’s hand and conduct them through our different sections, to a virtual and magic voyage, not only by the blue academic description, but by the virtual-direct contact with people, with mexicans, their present and past vivencies and their manual, intellectual, artistic and musical creations.

 “Mexico, People and Crafts is a creation, of a Mexican couple in love facing the human life adventure and the vivency of Being Mexican, in love also of their Country.

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Overview Mexico:

Veracruz Mexico, The Charm Of Its Coasts.

Tlaquepaque Jalisco Mexico and its great pottery tradition.

Mexican Decoration:

Breakfast Room Decorating mexican style.

Gastronomic Adventure:

Mexican Gastronomy, cook Loin Quesadillas.

Mexican Gastronomy, cook Pozole Jalisco style.

Mexican Religion:

Mexican Religion, Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Ancient Mexico:

Maya, Greeks of America.


Mexican Weaving Baskets, the Art.

Mexican Blown Glass, an Ancient Technique.

Mexican Painting by Sylvia Carrasco:

Campeche Mexico Jaina Island Prehispanic Figure.

Mexican Indigenous Girl and Dead's Flower, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Mexican Birds: The Parrot (in extintion)

Mexican Pewter

Mexican pewter exposition online

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